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Luxury One Piece Swimming Pools

Welcome to ONE by Aqua Platinum – we design, manufacture, and install luxurious one-piece swimming pools that transform homes and lifestyles. With inspiration taken from Aqua Platinum’s award-winning swimming pools, we will help create the ONE for you.

Our industry-leading knowledge and expertise in one-piece swimming pool design and manufacturing mean we only build quality swimming pools ready to transform your outdoor or indoor space. From pools for resistance training to pools with customisable massage stations for added relaxation. Design your dream swimming pool today.

"The versatility of the ONE Pool really makes it stand out from the crowd. I have been working in the most luxurious pools teaching swimming for over a decade – the design, quality, function and affordability of the ONE Pool is unrivalled. Whether it is family fun or high intensity resistance swimming you are looking for I cannot recommend the ONE Pool enough! " Adam Knight - Eden Swim London

Water Resistance Training

Get the most out of your pool with a turbine-driven counter-current flow system that brings a natural swim experience to your own home pool. With individual controlled flow for every person. The turbine counterflow system is ideal for keeping fit – after work or weekends, at your leisure, for health promotion or for therapeutic exercise. You can adapt the current to your individual needs.


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Swim Therapy & Relaxation

Our vitality pool area is a luxurious spa pool equipped with powerful air and water jets and an air pad. You can choose a selection of jets and locations to suit your needs. The vitality area is a perfect place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate after your swim.

That’s Not All

It doesn’t stop there; you can customise your pool to include all of our optional extras, from everything mentioned above to a comfort ledge and corner steps or even a decorative waterfall. Or keep it clean and straightforward without any of our optional extras.

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Why Choose A One Piece Pool?

One-piece pools are easy to install, easy to customise and often more cost-effective than a traditional swimming pool. With our different customisation options, you have endless combinations to create a unique one-piece pool of your dreams.

Want to learn more? Find out why you should choose a one-piece swimming pool here.

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