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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a drop-in swimming pool?

Drop-in or one-piece swimming pools are a straightforward way of designing your own swimming pool that’s simple to plan into a new build or existing property. With over 50 different design combinations, you can choose your custom one-piece swimming pool here, and we’ll do the rest.

How much does a one-piece swimming pool cost?

Our pools range from £61,990.00 to £126,140.00. Cranage and all associated building work for the swimming pool installation can be quoted separately and are not included within these indicative costs.

How big should I make my pool?

We offer a few different sizes of pools, and your water volume will vary depending on the extras installed. There are a few things to consider when choosing the size of your pool. Will it be used for exercise? Is it for the children? Pool size will also be dependent on your location, budget, and possibly planning permission.

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What maintenance will my swimming pool need?

Swimming pools will need maintenance to maintain a healthy pool. The type of maintenance will vary depending on the location of your installation.

How will you deliver our new swimming pool?

We deliver to the curbside of your property. A crane will be required to transition the pool shell from the delivery vehicle to the install location on the date of delivery. This cost is not included in our delivery.

How much does it cost to operate?

The operating costs will vary depending on your choices & location. Costs can be controlled by maintaining an ambient temperature in the pool room if inside, using the correct level of insulation for your location, and keeping the pool covered when not in use.

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