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Why One?

Best in Quality

Although the one-piece swimming pool industry has an abundance of available systems and products, we set out to develop a drop-in collection that would provide the best in quality, finishes and features, and utilised Aqua Platinum’s years of award-winning expertise to make this concept a reality.

We were inspired by Aqua Platinum’s super-prime concrete formed installations and over the course of 2 years, designed a host of drop-in swimming pools that transform back-garden spaces and offer attainable luxury for the whole family to enjoy.

Cedar Manor

Our Collection

Our collection offers exclusive swimming pools to suit residential outdoor spaces, with our range-topping ‘One’ pool featuring Aqua Platinum approved wellness facilities that are typically found behind the closed doors of the most luxurious properties in the UK.

What sets our offering apart from others is our attention to quality and detail, from the very start of the manufacturing process, right the way through to the final installation and maintenance of a completed swimming pool. We are the only UK company offering a one-stop-service for swimming pool design, manufacture, haulage, cranage, installation, commissioning and maintenance.


A Simple Order Process

We had a leading focus on simplifying the ordering and installation journey and to do so, we have worked closely with our supply chain partners to provide a service that compliments the market leading swimming pools that we install. We strive to ensure our clients feel safe in the knowledge that all stages of their one-piece swimming pool installation will be handled by trusted and knowledgeable professionals, with clear communication and updates available throughout each step of the journey.

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