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Our one-piece solution is a transformative addition to any garden space, providing not only elegant aesthetics, but also a truly rewarding wellbeing experience for your whole family.

We have created two collections for our One pools that can be modified to suit and accommodate any family, take a look at the collection and help us find the One for you today.

The Lifestyle Collection

  • Luxurious mosaic tiled finish
  • Industry leading water quality
  • Corner entry steps for convenient pool access
  • Underwater LED lighting to the pool area
  • Additional features – automatic pool cover and water features

Lifestyle Collection Starting from

8m x 4m £59,990
9m x 4m £64,990
10m x 4m £69,990
11m x 4m £74,990
12m x 4m £79,990

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Mottram Hall

The Signature Collection

  • Vitality spa area featuring 4 massage stations for ultimate relaxation
  • Iridescent mosaic tiles offering an exquisite and unique finish to the pool area
  • Versatile pool design providing space to swim, play, relax
  • Entry steps leading to submerged comfort ledge for easy access to the pool and vitality spa
  • Signature underwater LED lighting package for exceptional low light aesthetics
  • Additional features – automatic pool cover and water feature

Signature Collection Starting from

7m x 4m £85,990
8m x 4m £89,990
9m x 4m £94,990

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