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During the development of our ONE collection, it was important for us to create a one-piece system that offered versatility for a wide range of homes and customer requirements. We have carefully designed our swimming pools to not only provide a fantastic space for socialising and relaxing but also an environment for water-based exercise & training.

Whether you’re looking for a serious resistance training pool with automatic resistance, or a hydrotherapy pool to aid recovery. With our custom one-piece pools, you can add various features to make it your own and have the perfect pool. 

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Resistace Training

Our recommended water depth of 1.4m provides an ideal space for swim training, submerged running, and water resistance exercises. We also offer additional features to further enhance the training that is possible within our pools, such as a range of tried and tested counter current (swim training) units, submerged resistance running machines, and resistance weight training equipment.

Hydrotherapy at Home

Hydrotherapy is widely regarded as one of the ultimate training and recovery tools. It is a low impact workout that yields high impact results with less joint stress, muscle fatigue, and injury. Athletes can work harder, recover faster, and stay in the game. It is also an effective rehabilitation tool that allows for conditioning during recovery with faster results.

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Recovery & Rehabilitation Pool

The effects and physical properties of water, such as density, hydrostatic pressure and buoyancy are highly useful resources for both post training recovery, and rehabilitation after injury. It allows for a quicker return to land-based training or high-intensity exercise routines, while ensuring both low joint impact and greater overall body comfort. A wide range of elite athletes now supplement their technical training with water-based workout routines to ensure they are consistently performing at their best.

  • Improves overall circulation, helping the natural healing process
  • Reduce pressure on joints & muscles
  • Improve VO2 max
  • Maintain fitness whilst injured
  • Reduce swelling and exercise induced inflammation
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