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Transportation, Cranage, Installation


All prices quoted include transportation and delivery of your ONE pool from the manufacturing facility to kerbside at the install address.

Considerations prior to order:

  • Route to the property – main roads, country roads, weight or width restrictions, height considerations (most of our pool shells are 4.9m high when load on the delivery vehicle)
  • Usage of road outside property – is there a bus route, school route, emergency route, will a road closure be necessary for delivery
  • Access at the property itself – can the delivery vehicle park at the property, will it need to park on the road outside, how close can it get to the install location


A crane will be required to transition the pool shell from the delivery vehicle to the install location on the date of delivery. The services of a specialist cranage contractor will be required to complete a full survey and provide separate quotation. As a guide, these works a likely to range between £2.5k-£10k depending the complexity of the lift required.

Considerations prior to order:

  • Will a crane be on site for other works – if a sufficient crane is already on site, this can often be used for the pool shell transition
  • Available space at property – can the crane setup within the property boundaries as it will likely require a space of 8m x 11m, will a road closure be required outside the property for the crane to setup there
  • What is the lift zone like – is there a level surface next to/near to the install location, will the lift need to take place over the property, are there overhanging trees or telephone lines that need to be assessed
  • Ground conditions – can the crane setup on solid ground (tarmac, paving, concrete), will a temporary road surface be required to provide access to the install location
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