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Bespoke Vitality Pools

Ultimate Relaxation & Recovery

Looking for your own vitality pool? Here at the One Pool we design, manufacture and install world-class vitality pools, slip into ultimate relaxation and enjoy the hydrotherapy benefits. Find out more about vitality pools and their benefits below.

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What is a Vitality Pool?

A vitality pool is one of the most relaxing methods of hydrotherapy you can choose. Often fitted with massage jets they are similar to a hot tub or Jacuzzi but bigger. We can build vitality pools suitable for inside or outside use. They are designed for you to simply relax in, or make use of their holistic and hydrotherapy benefits for aching muscles, improved blood circulation, and therapy.

Vitality pools benefit from the wellness properties of the water. Used to relieve stress and ease tired muscles with the combination of water movement, heat and massage. The water temperature is often around 34-36 degrees celsius. Whether for private residences, spa hotels or clubs, a One Pool vitality pool is the perfect choice for relaxation and de-stressing the body.

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Hydrotherapy is widely regarded as one of the ultimate training and recovery tools. It is a low impact workout that yields high impact results with less joint stress, muscle fatigue, and injury. Athletes can work harder, recover faster, and stay in the game. It is also an effective rehabilitation tool that allows for conditioning during recovery with faster results.

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